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Accepting credit card transactions for is really easy with our simple steps. Simply follow the guidelines to the right. A knowledgeable representative will contact you for more information and help you submit your application to the merchant bank for approval. To start accepting Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card payments today, click here.
We specialize in placing all types of merchants with credit card processing solutions. Internet, Retail Stores, Card Swipe! Rates as Low as 1.59% Merchant Bank Processing - Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex Today!

Credit Card Processing for Seasonal Businesses

Important Note We Have the option to turn off your merchant account for up to 6 months per year! Only $1.95 a month during the inactive periods.

Do you run a company that is only open for a small part of the year? Do you want to accept credit or debit cards? Many people no longer carry cash everywhere, and for businesses like carnivals, craft vendors, ice cream stands, flea markets, amusement parks and fruit stands, where many customers might decide to purchase something on impulse, the ability to accept credit card payments is a valuable asset. By opening a seasonal merchant account and accepting Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express, you can make more sales and increase your profits.

This type of account allows companies to activate their account for a number of consecutive months, and then deactivate it during months when they are not open. With other types of merchant services, you need to pay monthly fees. However, with a this account, you don't need to worry about these fees during the months they are closed.

Benefits of Processing Credit Card Transactions

If you own one of the following types of establishments, you may have customers who purchase your products on an impulse buy, and might not readily have cash available. Swiping your cards through a terminal is easier for your customers. Opening a this kind of account is great for:

Summer Businesses

  • Carnivals
  • Ice cream stands
  • Amusement parks
  • Firework stands
  • Fruit stands
  • Hot dog stands

Winter Businesses

  • Christmas tree farms
  • Fire wood suppliers
  • Snow or ski rentals

And many other Temporary Vendors

  • Craft fairs
  • Flea markets
  • Hobbyists
  • Tradeshows

The option of using a credit card can help companies earn money from those customers and increase the amount they can earn. But these businesses also don't want to have to pay monthly fees to keep the account open during the summer or winter months, when they are not open.

Fortunately, there is a solution: opening a merchant account allows temporary companies that aren't open year-round to take debit cards and earn more money with no monthly fees during off season months. You can save money and get the best processing rates while your company is open, without having to worry about charges when your business is closed.

How does it work?

Opening this type of account is easy. You don't need to reapply every year and you don't need to pay monthly fees during off season months. Once you get the account, then you just need to call or send in a written notification specifying what months you will be active and what months you will not. It can sometimes take a week or two to update your information, so if you're only going to be closed for one month, then this type of account might not be the best option for your establishment.

Because it can take some time to make these updates, these types of accounts are not meant to be activated and reactivated at the drop of a hat, on and off. Rather, they are for companies that plan to be open for several consecutive months, and then closed for several consecutive months. Please note if you have a high risk seasonable business then click here

If you own an establishment that is only open for a portion of the year, start accepting credit cards today. Part-time credit card processing doesn't have to be a hassle. Get the cheapest rates with a seasonal account with no extra fees during the off season months.


Getting Started Steps

Fill out an application with your business info
  • Complete the application form.
  • Send in your company's information.
  • No matter what type of business, domestic, offshore, retail, international, online, or wireless, we can process your application.
  • A staff member will review your info and begin the first steps to get your account approved.
We Review Your Information To Match You With a Processor bank
  • Review your transaction history, if any, and your application.
  • We'll match you to the merchant bank with the best fit.
  • We may require more information.
  • Please have all necessary documentation ready.
Your Account is Approved and Terminal Set Up
  • Before approval there will be one final review by bank underwriters.
  • More information may be necessary
  • After your account is approved, your gateway can be set up.
  • Begin processing CC transactions.