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Getting Started
Its really simple to get started with accepting credit cards. Simply follow the steps to the right. A friendly knowledgeable agent will then follow up with you by phone and email to gather more information to submit to the merchant bank for approval. Click Here to begin the process of setting up your visa / mastercard / amex / discover setup.
We specialize in placing all types of merchants with credit card processing solutions. Internet, Retail Stores, Card Swipe Offshore and More! Experts in Merchant Bank Processing - Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex Today!

Experienced Professionals Wanted!

We are always looking for:

  • Individuals knowledgeable in the credit card processing industry.
  • Able to seek out businesses who are in need of merchant bank processing.
  • Sales experience.
  • Able to communicate effectively over the phone.
  • Already have clients who need credit card processor solutions.
  • Interested in individuals or companies who are looking to earn income via merchant account residual programs.

If you have experience in the merchant banking industry and looking to expand your career potential please contact us and let us know your background.



Getting Started Steps

Fill out an Application, Submit Info to Us
  • Initial steps, fill out this form.
  • Submit your business information.
  • Domestic, Offshore, Low Risk, High Risk,Internet, Retail/Terminal, Wireless.
  • Our knowledgeable staff receives your information and begins placement process.
We Receive & Review Your Information and match up to bank
  • Review Your Business Information and processing history if any.
  • Determine Which Processor Bank will best fit/accept, best rate quoted.
  • May Need to gather More information from you.
  • Please have your documentation, drivers license, etc. ready.
Approval Process & Setup step
  • Your application & documentation is reviewed by bank underwriters.
  • Additional information may be requested.
  • Upon approval, your internet gateway or terminal is setup.
  • You begin accepting credit cards from your customers.